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Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Over 20 types of alerts
  • Monitor Reviews and Feedback
  • Get alerts on Listing Hijacks
  • Set alert frequency

Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Searchable customers database
  • Drill down by ASIN/marketplace
  • Sort, filter and export orders
  • Build your own charts

Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Email Automation
  • Amazon Sales Funnel
  • Sponsored Products (PPC)
  • Promo code to order match

"Efficient Era saves me time and money by monitoring my product listings so I can focus my efforts on growing my business. Their Funnel Manager tool is one of a kind and the tool is so inexpensive that it's a no-brainer to sign up."

Steve Chou,

You Need Every Advantage on Amazon

That's why we provide a wide range of alerts, analytics and automation tools to help you beat the competition.

Amazon VAT Automation, Tools for Amazon Sellers, Amazon Seller Tools

Returns Tracker

A high return rate can make your product ineligible for FBA and even lead to suspension. With Returns Tracker, you can track return rates on a per product basis and measure how they are contributing to your overall return rate. A buyer is likely to follow up a return request with a negative review. Take action quickly and prevent a negative situation. NEW!


Tools for Amazon Sellers

Tools for Amazon Sellers

Tools for Amazon Sellers

Tools for Amazon Sellers

Tools for Amazon Sellers

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