Thank you for your interest in Efficient Era!

Efficient Era is shut down as of July 4th, 2019 so that we could focus singularly on advertising tools and services, which are both critical to seller success and aligned with Amazon's goals. The Ad Tool portion of Efficient Era has become PPC Ninja. We're sellers ourselves and we created the agency we wanted for ourselves.

PPC Ninja PPC Account Audit

PPC Ninja does two things differently:

1) Software: PPC Ninja provides a set of powerful PPC reporting and automation tools built with a certain degree of flexibility, recognizing that in the constantly evolving world of Amazon ad features, a human element is needed for success. We understand that sellers may have developed and evolved their own methodology that is working well. Our tools won't bind you to a structure, process or approach.

2) Services: PPC Ninja is also an Amazon-focused ad agency that recognizes that keyword understanding and advertising needs to be a core competency for successful Amazon sellers. So we don't take that away from you. We don't take over your account or ask for a percent of ad spend or revenue long-term. Instead, we offer 'micro services' to let you engage us, launch products through PPC, fix problems, and learn. But we keep you in control to cost-effectively manage your own ad campaigns over time, with or without the help of our automated tools.

A great way to help yourself and get a feel for our expertise is to try our free PPC Ninja Account Audit Tool. It's an Excel-based tool so you can use it on your own without API access. It will highlight existing problems and opportunities in your advertising spend that Amazon won't tell you about. We hope it helps your Amazon selling business and motivates you to try our Full API-Connected Amazon PPC Automation Tool, which starts at $49 / month, and our Amazon PPC Management Services.

Thank you for all the wonderful and kind comments we've received about Efficient Era. And thank you for letting us continue to help your business succeed on Amazon! You can reach us now at support[at]